Case of 20 FloodSax

A box of 20 FloodSax includes four packs with 5 FloodSax in each pack. Please order up to 10 by putting the number you want in the quantity box. We offer discounts if buying more than 3 or 5 boxes. Our price includes VAT and express delivery which is usually next day.
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Pack of 5 FloodSax - 520mm x 530mm x 150mm (vacuum packed) - 2.0 kg

Case of 20 Floodsax (4 x Packs of 5) - 550mm x 540mm x 150mm - 9.5 kg

Each FloodSax® has 4 layers with 12 internal absorbent sections creating a multi-chamber system. The absorbent chambers are then sewn together into an outer sleeve of a nonwoven material. The overall dimensions of the FloodSax® before hydration and before being vacuum packed are:

Before Hydration - 520mm x 530mm x 12mm

After Hydration - 520mm x 530mm x 200mm

Each of the absorbent layers has a nonwoven casing which is glued on all edges. The layers are filled with a mixture of fluff pulp and super absorbent polymer. The absorbent layers are then sewn together. The absorbent layers are stitched to make a multi-chamber system. The sewn together layers are then inserted into a sleeve of nonwoven material that is sewn closed to form a FloodSax®

Hydrated Weight: After less than 8 minutes of full submersion in water the finished bag will weigh not less than 20kg and not more than 25kg.

Usage Information: FloodSax® will not work effectively if they come into contact with certain liquids and therefore it is recommended they are not used where any of the following may be present: sodium, acids or any liquid with a think viscosity. This statement is based on test results to date. There will be other liquids that we are not aware of at this time.

Manufacturing Tolerance: FloodSax® are handmade and the material may expand or contract during the manufacturing process. FloodSax® may also expand or contract during the vacuum packing process therefore FloodSax® have a + or - 10% manufacturing tolerance.